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infiniq Data Studio

DataOps, a helper of AI innovation

To develop an advanced AI model and release its products, it is very important
to collaborate with several organizations to review insights through repetitive
processes where huge datasets are constructed and managed and the model is
evaluated. A variety of decision-making organizations such as data engineers,
data scientists, AI engineers, and technical partners take insights from data and
help develop competitive AI application technologies quickly.
DataStudio of INFINIQ is a service framework that aims to manage AI data
workflows and algorithm life cycles that may be combined with the customers’
business operations.
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Our Services

Discover the technologies of INFINIQ, who leads tomorrow’s innovation.

  • Data Service INFINIQ provides services in the whole area of data
    workflow for AI models to learn different and appropriate
    datasets. It helps enhance the performance of the model
    through repetitive data analysis.
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  • AI Development The lab researches and develops technologies from
    DataOps for ML/DL datasets to processing and detecting
    2D/3D sensor data for recognition by computer vision.
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  • Smart Retail Mealy, a tech-converged brand of “Hex Vision × Retail,”
    is optimized for the vision of tech-based recognition of
    atypical objects for an off-line store by AI, as well as retail
    commodities of general industrial goods.
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  • Testing Service The solution provides the services for testing software
    and hardware qualities so that customers may quickly
    respond to the quality requirements of their products.
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